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Sensortron has specialized in the field of weighing technology. Since its inception in July 1994, the company has been catering to the various needs of all types of industries. The company started its operations with the manufacturing of Electrical single pan balances and dealing with Shimadzu, Japan range of Electronic balances in parallel.

A few years later, the company had ventured in to the manufacturing of precision standard weights used for calibration of weighing balances. The company manufactures the weights as per the tolerances given by Organization International de Metrology Legal ( OIML), France. OIML have classified weights in to seven categories (M1 Class weights, M2 Class weights, M3 Class weights, F1 Class weights, F2 Class weights, E2 Class weights & E1 Class weights). Each of the classes varies in their accuracies based on OIML Recommendations – 111 Edition 2004(E).

Later, the company started to engage in the repair of load cells and re-gauging of strain gauges in the load cells. Any make, model and type was repaired and re-gauged and the clients were offered a service warranty of 6 months.

This was followed by the manufacture of load cells. We mainly cater to the weighing applications like weighbridges, silos, bunkers, testing machines, weighbridge conversion, weigh feeders and process control systems.

The recent development is that the company has started a calibration laboratory ( M/s.True Value Calibration Servies) which is in the process of NABL accreditation for calibration of mass and volume parameter. The laboratory equips some of the world’s best equipments and standards to meet the quality requirements as per ISO:IEC:17025

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M1 class weights
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M3 class weights
Sensortron offers standard calibration weights without or with certification from our in-house calibration laboratory which is accredited by NABL, New delhi. Organisation Internationale de Metrologic Legale (OIML, France) has classified weights in seven accuracy classes (M1,M2,M3,F2,F1,E2 and E1).

Slotted Weights
Sensortron offers Shimadzu, Japan electronic semi micro balances and analytical balances. We are the authorized dealers of M/s. AAL, Mumbai.

OIML weights
Sensortron offers Electrical single pan analytical and research balances to meet the demands of highly precise and accurate weighting for all analytical and research oriented works and requirements. Few of the salient features of our balance are

Test Weights
We manufacture double ended shear beam load cells, ‘S’ type Tension load cells, diaphragm type load cells, etc.,
Ring weights

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